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Lessons from AIYEP

Posted on Friday, February 10, 2017

One of the things I like to do is to ask people, ‘What have you learned today?’. As the days go past and AIYEP draws to an end, it has proven apt to ask myself the very same question. Lessons learned from our time in Tana Beru and Makassar have been many - from creating libraries, teaching AFL and navigating local politics, all the way to trapping pigs, and becoming a trainee addiction counsellor (all the while possessing a particularly impressive moustache)!

However, the thing I am proudest of is that I have spent the past eight weeks living, working, eating, and learning with 35 young people, who I am stoked to call friends.

Together, we have learnt how to adjust to cultures that aren’t necessarily our own (even within Indonesia!), eat fish heads every day for weeks on end, and most importantly; realise that even though we have separate languages, Indonesia and Australia really are not that far apart. We still share the same dreams - to go and change the world, reach the heights of our industries, and maybe even have a go at running for President (get your act together Oscar!). We still have the same love of food, good conversations, and a love of family. 

- David Visser, WA

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