AIYEP 2017-17 Fleurieu Region

Host Family Registration

Thank you for your interest in providing a homestay for an Indonesian participant in the Australia-Indonesia Youth Exchange Program (AIYEP). We look forward to your support.

The homestay period in the Fleurieu Region will run from Friday 25 November 2016 through to Wednesday 14 December . 

To register as a host family, please complete and submit the form below.

A subsidy of $780 is paid to each host family (approx $260 per week per participant), normally in the week following the end of the homestay.

During their stay the Indonesian group will have work experience placements Monday to Thursday for the first two (2) weeks. On Friday of each week and both days in the final week of their stay, the Indonesian participants will give cultural performances at local schools or community groups.

At the end of the regional stay there will be a farewell function to which host families and other program supporters will be invited.

The Indonesian participants will be very eager to learn about Australian social and community life, as well as relate to you their own home environment and Indonesian culture.

Host families are asked to help transport their participant to and from their place of work experience or enable the use of public transportation, as well as assist or guide their participant to travel to a gathering point for the group’s weekly cultural performance visit. 

Prior to meeting host families, the group will receive an orientation about the Fleurieu Region and also Australian culture.

The participants have undergone medical and dental examinations to attest to their health and hold a Police clearance sighted by the Australian Embassy in Jakarta. They also hold travel insurance, including personal liability cover. Each is paid a weekly allowance to cover transportation fares to and from their place of work experience, their lunches during the working week and general OOP expenses. 

Further details on program arrangements will be provided in due course.

To register as a host family, please complete and submit the form below.

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This information will be available only to the AIYEP Australian Coordinator, TCN and the Australia-Indonesia Institute (Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade) for the purpose of AIYEP. Selected information will be available to your Indonesian participant(s) as part of their briefing materials. All reasonable and appropriate steps will be taken to protect the privacy of individuals as required by the Information Privacy Act 2009

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